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Prophetic Art...

"The essence of creating prophetic art is learning to listen with the ears of your spirit via your imagination in order to release the Light and Life of God through the work you create." - Matt Tommey

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"Our house is all about healing so it spoke to me"

~ Sarah

Prints are offered as a Thank You for your Donation to TruSoba

reaching the the Captives of Isaiah 61: the abandoned, the addicted and the abused. 

All Prints Available in 2 Versions:

Professional Numbered / Signed Watercolor Print  $77 + s/h

Glossy Watercolor Print for Framing $37 + s/h

Prints typically ship within 72 hrs of order.  If a print is a new release, it can take up to 2 weeks to ship from Studio. 

Free Shipping for any donation over $225

Foundations in Kingdom Living Series

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Art: Kingdom Living Series

Secret Place Secrets Series

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Art: Secret Place Series

Prophetic Art: All Series

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Prophetic Artist...

Teri Browne


Teri has been painting prophetically for about 12 years.  Her art has brought breakthrough and revelation to many. "When I paint, I feel the most connection and pleasure of God," she commented recently.  The newest series, Foundations in Kingdom Living, was especially joyful for Teri to paint because it was the first time anyone had expressed Jessie's visions in art.

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